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Digital Transformation

CX - Customer Experience


Facilitating the customer journey is one of the many reasons invoked for the implementation of disruptive technologies within the Digital Transformation process.

Customization, Easy Use and Speed are three key arguments in the strategy of any company that seeks to win and be a leader in its segment... they are also the essential pillars of the customer journey for the Digital Transformation initiated by companies.

Airports ✺ Travel Agencies ✺ Auditoriums ✺ Bars & Cafes ✺ Casinos ✺ Smart Cities ✺ Cinemas ✺ Cruises ✺ Offices

Stadiums✺ FactoriesHospitals✺ Hotels✺ Labs✺ Stores ✺ Municipalities ✺ Museums ✺ Theme Parks ✺ Tourism Offices

Rent-a-car ✺ Resorts ✺ Restaurants  Entertainment spaces ✺ Shoppings ✺ Stands ✺ Theatres ✺ Universities ✺ Zoos 

The Customer Experience (CX) is the method by which the product or service of a given company is perceived by its customer, whether B2B or B2C, in the physical store or via e-commerce.


Cucabytech's vast experience in implementing Disruptive Technologies (e.g. Digital Signage, DOOH, Smart Rooms, Multitouch, etc.) in different areas (e.g. retail shops, museums, tourist offices, shopping malls, banking, etc.) has allowed it to have a detailed knowledge of the IT ecosystem

  • Manufacturers of hardware structures and technologies (Smart/Interactive Mirrors, Totems, Kiosks, Tables, Self-checkouts, Wi-Fi, RFID, etc)

  • Audiovisual companies (AV)

  • Corporate and residential home automation companies

  • Software house companies (Ticketing, Digital Signage, AR/VR, Apps, Wayfinding, Multitouch, etc)

  • Design and architecture studios

  • Communication and digital marketing agencies

  • Companies with financial engineering services for medium and large projects  

Disruptive Technologies, mainly those that allow a direct and immediate interaction with customers (interactive digital solutions) are increasingly widespread, not only available to internal customers in their workplaces, but also in all spaces (indoor and outdoor) frequented by the external customer.

Sitting/Resting Areas ✺ Reception Desk / Information / Customer Service ✺ Checkout/Payment Areas ✺ Entrance and Interior Hall    Outdoor areas ✺ Facade ✺ StorefrontParking Lots ✺ Indoor Playgrounds ✺ Fitting Rooms ✺ Meeting / Training / Collaborative Work Rooms ✺ Showrooms ✺ Showcases

Welcome do Digital Transformation!

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