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the genesis of Cucabytech

At first everything seemed to make sense! But nobody warned me about the extras that were not accounted for in the proposal ... after all, they were not extras but indispensable costs without which the project made no sense. "

We have the experience of digital projects on our side ... we know the questions that have to be asked in advance ... we know the selling techniques and we have context adaptability... we compare costs and alternatives in the market ... we know how to get and give the most for the right price.

I worked with a software company in a project and they assured me that they would also be able to develop the hardware component ... they fooled me and with that I lost the opportunity and motivation. "

We pioneered disruptive technology projects (interactive displays, interactive tables, digital kiosks, etc) ... we know the IT ecosystem and its agents' strengths and weaknesses ... we are looking for productive and competitive partnerships in quality and price .. We enjoy working in partnership.

The project went wrong because I thought it had the ability to monitor and validate the work that was being done by my suppliers... I couldn't because other priorities completely exhausted my available time. "

We have already failed and grown from it ... we know where and why projects can go wrong ... we have a sense of urgency and opportunity in an increasingly competitive world ... we follow and enforce business ethics.

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