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Cucabytech tasting menu

AR AUGMENTED REALITY (entertainment, industry)

DIGITAL SIGNAGE (airports, hospitals, malls, stadiums, theme parks, businesses, stores)


Créditos: YCD Multimedia

WAYFINDING SOFTWARE (airports, hospitals, malls, universities, industrial parks, cruise terminals)

Créditos: 22Miles Digital Signage & Wayfinding

TICKETING & SHOP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (cinemas, theaters, museums, monuments, concert Halls, theme parks, festivals, fairs)

Créditos: B6

RFID (stock control, inventory, replenishment, anti-theft)

Créditos: iTAG Tecnologia

STANDARD & CUSTOM TECH FURNITURE (indoor & outdoor kiosks, tables, information desks, POS desks)

Créditos: Charbax

SMART / INTERACTIVE MIRROR (clothing stores, smart fitting rooms)

Créditos: OCTOPUS

URBAN FURNITURE (outdoor kiosks, charging benches)

Créditos: Hoteligy

VIDEOWALL (small and large format, interactive)

Créditos: Smartpixel

LED (building facade, shops, malls, airports, theme parks, corporate, parking lot)

Créditos: NEXNOVO-Projects

PCAP FOIL (interactive screens & kiosks, interactive tables, interactive storefront)

Créditos: FORTES

AUGMENTED BOOK AND CUBE (AR for entertainment)

Créditos: LiveViewStudio

INTERACTIVE STOREFRONT (street & mall stores, company showrooms)

INTERACTIVE & TRANSPARENT SHOWCASE (watchmaking, jewelery, optics, footwear, wine cellars, museums)

Créditos: The Media Merchants

Créditos: thevtranslook

TIMELINE (museums, showrooms, theme parks)

HOLOGRAM (museums, shops)

Créditos: EventAgratE

OBJECT RECOGNITION (company showrooms, shops, museums, fairs)

Créditos: Interactive Experiements

PHOTO BOOTH (museums, theme parks, fairs, festivals)

Créditos: Emanuele Ceppelli

INTERACTIVE FLOOR (airports, malls, lobby, shops, museums)

Créditos: Overly app

FOGSCREEN (airports, malls, lobby, shops, museums)

Créditos: Formula D interactive

Créditos: FogScreen®