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Startup and SME Consulting, Internationalisation Consulting, Digital Transformation Consulting, Disruptive Technologies, Customer Experience... these are some of the services provided by Cucabytech's team.

Moe Bagheri

Senior Consultant


Moe Bagheri is a lecturer at IPAM, the oldest and most prestigious school in Portugal with a focus exclusively on Marketing.


Moe is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Marketing & Strategy at a joint program conducted among three well-known universities in Portugal, namely Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Aveiro, and Universidade da Beira Interior.


He holds an MBA with the Marketing specialisation from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, and European Business School, Germany, along with a Bachelor's degree in English Education.


He has been working more than a decade in several industries including Education, Information and Communication Technology, Luxury Interior Design, Digital Experience, and Retail Solutions where he applied practical theories and concepts to the real-life business cases.


Moe has diversified skills in Teaching, Conducting Research, Business Planning, Content Management, Communication, Social Media Management, Market Analysis, Strategic Planning, Project Implementation, Pricing and Packaging Services, Website Development, and Consulting in Marketing and Branding to name a few.


To pursue his passion and bridge the gap between academicians and practitioners, he has joined Cucabytech to assist entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into business and further brand their products and services.


His interests include Digital Marketing, Branding Technology-Oriented Product & Services, Startups Branding, Disruptive Technologies, Consumer Behaviour, and Luxury Industries.

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