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Agile Methodology 


For agile companies an agile work methodology!


We adopt the Lean Startup methodology based on the Build - Measure - Learn model as a working tool.  

We want to quickly formulate hypotheses, test them so that our customers get the necessary feedbacks from the ecosystem (internal and/or external stakeholders), reformulate or preserve in order to overcome challenges and achieve objectives.

In fact, this whole process has already started with our Pre-Quote Diagnosis, available from this link. The information, obtained through a self-assessment, allowed us to give clues for the identification of problems and definition of objectives.

A set of steps follows:

  1. Define the hypothesis associated with the problem

  2. Specify the solution hypothesis

  3. List and prioritise all assumptions

  4. Define the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for testing in the ecosystem with internal and/or external stakeholders

  5. Specify the success criteria

  6. Validate or Invalidate

  7. Pivot or Persevere

  8. Iterate to achieve objectives

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