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Our team aims to effectively address the most common problems of Startups and SME:

  • Poor sales and marketing performance (Founders accumulate this function...)

  • Lack of commercial vision of the business... and sometimes of the business model itself

  • Absence of Marketing Plan

  • Unawareness of the competition and the market in which they operate

  • Lack of soft-skills

  • Innexperience in B2B (e.g. creation of network resellers, partnerships)

  • Resistance to customer insights

  • Weak or no know-how in conquer new international markets (internationalisation)

Startup and SME Consulting, Internationalisation Consulting, Digital Transformation Consulting, Disruptive Technologies, Customer Experience... these are some of the services provided by Cucabytech's team.

Cid - Managing

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Moe Bagheri - Consultant

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João Campos - Consultant

  • Linkedin João Campos

Miguel Cardoso - Consultant

  • Linkedin Miguel Cardoso

Bruno Andrade - Consultant

  • Linkedin Bruno Andrade

Fernando Ribeiro - Consultant

  • Linkedin Fernando Ribeiro
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