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Why choose Cucabytech?

Briefly, for three reasons:

  • Years of experience - we have the experience of digital projects on our side... we know the questions that have to be asked a priori... we know the negotiation techniques and we are old foxes... we have worked in international markets, with different company profiles and very diverse cultures... we compare costs and alternatives in the market... we know how to obtain and give the maximum for the fair price... we can save months/years in the search of clients or partners for your business
  • Pioneering - we were pioneers in projects with disruptive technologies... we know the national and international ICT ecosystem... the strengths and weaknesses of its agents... we are looking for productive and competitive partnerships... we like to work in partnership
  • Competence - we have already failed and we have grown with it... we know where and why business and projects can go wrong... we have a sense of urgency and opportunity in an increasingly competitive world... we follow and enforce business ethics

Think about it: saving months / years of prospecting by working with a senior team, without those fixed costs (e.g. Social Security charges, insurance, etc.) that weigh so heavily at the end of the month, shorten the sales cycle, increase the likelihood of closing deals with someone who has experience in the field... and you can still fire without complications if the results are not satisfactory (unlikely...).

Why Startups and SMEs?

Basically, because it is in these kinds of companies that we feel we can add value.

In the case of Startups, we know that many of them do not have well-defined skills (people, processes) in the sales and marketing area, because they were mainly focused on the technical component of the product or service. Usually, the Founders themselves perform the function of Business Development Managers without great practical results... they lack the soft-skils, the professional experience in different types of companies, the direct contact in the field with clients and partners, the international context, etc.

With SMEs, our purpose is to strengthen the sales and marketing department, to raise maturity in the relationship with customers and partners, the optimization of some processes and the prospecting of new international markets.

Thus, we offer to Startups and SMEs business consulting services, consultancy for internationalisation and also services related to digital transformation and customer experience (CX).

How much is your service?

In fact, we have a very clear idea of the values and levels of service we can provide, but we always adjust to the type of company and the needs of those who come to us.

We want to be competitive and gain an interesting portfolio of clients, so we are sure to meet your expectations.

We usually work with fixed monthly values and also with a variable component, depending on whether we reach certain KPIs (e.g. conversion of lead into client or partner, commission on commercial proposal awarded, etc.).

What kind of contract do you make with your customers?

We want to simplify the contracting process!

First of all, we sign the confidentiality contracts that are necessary to safeguard the exchange of information and guarantee a relationship of trust.

Normally, our service is based on a commercial proposal that defines scope, objectives, stages, duration and financial compensation.

An invoice is issued for the agreed payment phases.

What's the contract period?

It is very varied and depends on the scope of the consultancy. We can hardly get solid results in just one month, so we usually define a minimum period (between 3 to 6 months) to assess the consistency of the actions. However, both parties will be able to terminate the contract, without complications, after the first month, if this is the best solution for everyone. We do not complicate it!

Does the Consultancy include travelling to international markets to negotiate with potential clients or business partners?

Yes, it can include that service. We have a lot of experience in markets like Latin America and the EMEA region, namely in the search and creation of resale networks. We know that some markets have their particularities, so our work is truly that of a Business Development Manager... you need to go into the field and really get to know the companies and people with whom we want to establish relationships.

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