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# Digital Transformation 


Cucabytech appears to fill a gap in the Consulting market: for all Startups and SMEs in the IT ecosystem that require a Business and Internationalization Consultancy to create and strengthen its commercial department and search for new markets; for companies looking for a Digital Transformation Consultancy for internal (modern workplaces) and external customers (CX - customer experience). 


"Connecting each client's own aspirations through technology"... that's Cucabytech's motto.

Our mission: "To create and strengthen knowledge among Customers, Technologies and Aspirations with disruptive solutions that aim for an ethical and healthy technological ecosystem".


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For Whom



Typically small and medium-sized IT ecosystem companies in need:

  • to create or consolidate its commercial department (Business Development role);

  • to generate sales leads;

  • networking and initial contact to explain the product/service offer;

  • act on requests for quotations and commercial proposals;

  • geographic market research with similar products/services or business opportunities;

  • research of different types of business profiles (End customer, Reseller, Partner);

  • networking and remote initial contact to explain the product / service offer in the international market;

  • on-site monitoring of business implementation;

  • monitoring the evolution of business in the international market.


Industry | Retail | Culture | Tourism | Telco | Healthcare | Hospitality | Entertainment | Smart Cities

We respond to all kinds of companies that look:

  • digital and interactive solutions for a modernization of workplaces;

  • disruptive technologies to enhance the customer experience (CX).

✺ Airports

✺ Travel Agencies

✺ Auditoriums

✺ Bars & Cafes

✺ Casinos

Smart Cities

✺ Cinemas

✺ Cruises 

✺ Offices

✺ Stadiums 

✺ Factories 

✺ Hospitals 

✺ Hotels

✺ Laboratories

✺ Shops

✺ Municipalities  

✺ Museums

✺ Theme Parks  

✺ Tourist Offices

✺ Rent-a-car 

✺ Resorts

✺ Restaurants  

✺ Show Rooms

✺ Shoppings Centers / Malls

✺ Stands

✺ Theatres 

✺ Universities

✺ Zoos 


Business and Internationalization Consultancy

  • Preparation of commercial materials (commercial pitch, commercial proposal model, service and price levels, etc);

  • Prospecting and Follow-up of leads;

  • Preparation of commercial proposals;

  • Commercial negotiation;

  • Prospecting international markets;

  • Prospecting profiles (end customer, reseller, partner);

  • Local visit to markets (EMEA, LATAM, etc);

  • Remote monitoring of international business. 

Digital Transformation


  • Idealization of solutions;

  • Technology research;

  • Specs Preparation;

  • Research of suppliers and budgets;

  • Commercial negotiation;

  • Project management;

  • Production;

  • Implementation;

  • Post-implementation follow-up.


Disruptive Technology

CX - Customer experience

Facilitating the customer's journey is one of the many reasons invoked for the implementation of disruptive technologies within the Digital Transformation process.


Customization, Easy Use and Speed are three key arguments in the strategy of any company that seeks to win and be a leader in its segment... they are also the essential pillars of the customer journey for the Digital Transformation initiated by companies.

The Customer Experience (CX) is the method by which the product or service of a given company is perceived by its customer, whether B2B or B2C, in the physical store or via e-commerce.

Cucabytech's vast experience in implementing Disruptive Technologies (e.g. Digital Signage, DOOH, Smart Rooms, Multitouch, etc.) in different areas (e.g. retail shops, museums, tourist offices, shopping malls, banking, etc.) has allowed it to have a detailed knowledge of the IT ecosystem

  • Manufacturers of hardware structures and technologies (Totems, Kiosks, Tables, Payphones, Wi-Fi, RFID, etc); 

  • Audiovisual companies (AV);

  • Corporate and residential home automation companies; 

  • Software companies (Ticketing, Digital Signage, AR/VR, Apps, Wayfinding, Multitouch, etc); 

  • Design and architecture studios;

  • Communication and digital marketing agencies;

  • Companies with financial engineering services for medium and large projects.   


Disruptive Technologies, mainly those that allow a direct and immediate interaction with customers (interactive digital solutions) are increasingly widespread, not only available to internal customers in their workplaces, but also in all spaces (indoor and outdoor) frequented by the external customer.  

Welcome to Digital Transformation!




Market Knowledge

We have experience in different areas:

  • Retail

  • Telco

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Industry

  • Culture and Tourism

  • Entertainment

  • Smart Cities 

  • .... 

We know the European IT ecosystem well, especially the Iberian region (Portugal Spain), but we also have experience of working in the Latin American market (LATAM), in particular:


✺ Brazil 

✺ México


✺ Chile 

✺ Ecuador 

✺ Colombia 

✺ Peru

✺ El Salvador 

✺ Guatemala     

✺ Nicaragua 

Cucabytech is available to accompany companies in the first contacts to be made in these markets.

Years of

"At first it all seemed to make sense! But no one alerted me to the extras that were not accounted fin the RFQ... after all, they were not extras but indispensable costs without which the project made no sense".

We have the experience of digital projects on our side... we know the questions that have to be asked a priori... we know the negotiation techniques and we are old foxes... we compare costs and alternatives in the market... we know how to get and give the most for the fair price.

"I worked with a vendor on a software project and they assured me that they could also develop the hardware component... ...and with this I lost the timing of the opportunity as well as the motivation."

We were pioneers in projects with disruptive technology (interactive screens, interactive desks, digital kiosks, etc)... we know the IT ecosystem and the strengths and weaknesses of its agents... we are looking for productive and competitive partnerships in quality and price... we like to work in partnership. 


"The project went wrong because I thought I had the ability to monitor and validate the work being done by my suppliers on this project... I couldn't because other priorities took up my time."


We have already failed and learned our lesson... we know where and why projects can go wrong... we have a sense of urgency and opportunity in an increasingly competitive world... we follow and enforce business ethics.






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